To build a complete production line of precision machine equipment by integrating of products.  We offer the customers a total solution with united catalogues and website.  Besides, we exhibit our products together in oversea in order to offer the complete information to the customers. The members recommend the products mutually to satisfy the need of different requirement, shorten the time of purchase and reduce the cost.  In the aspect of service, the customers could get a quick service & information from each of the member’s agents or branch offices in overseas, so that we could enlarge our market in overseas and become an international and global group.

A group of organization learning

The 12 members of MITEAM GROUP understand that the training of professional employees is the base of business development, so the members build a good learning environment together. We deliver some courses of technology and management, to let the employees have the  interflow of learning and experience.  It helps the employees to improve their technology and business administration.

A group of technology innovation

Started from the basis of technology innovation, accumulate the advantages of each member’s technology, research the new design & manufacturing technology, store up the knowledge of machine tool technology to improve the R&D level together, develop the technology of advanced products with high accuracy to create another zenith of machine tools that’s made in Taiwan.

So, this strategic alliance, that cooperation replaces competition, could not only keep the individual competition, but also speed up the upgrade of products by teamwork.  Exactly as said by Michael Porter, once the “ industry village” comes, this industry will become a “ fighting unit”, to fight together.  In the industry village, the information interflows speedily, the technology and originality combined together, talent, staff, technology, and support system are tight up together.  Consequently, put the whole fighting unit into competition within the industry.

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