2023-03-22 2023-TIMTOS台北工具機展-鐠羅
2023-03-22 2023 TIMTOS台北工具機展-開天
2023-01-16 2023年墨西哥國際製造技術展
2023-01-16 2023下半年度國際展覽行事曆
2023-01-16 2023上半年度國際展覽行事曆
2019-04-01 Industrial Calendar 2019
2018-05-14 2018下半年度國際展覽行事曆
2018-05-14 2018上半年度國際展覽行事曆
2016-06-30 本聯盟成員 2016TMTS攤位號碼
MITEAM GROUP was established by some professional machine tool builders of mutual cooperative and complementary strategic alliance. The initial of establishment is the acceptance of cooperation system plan that was promoted by Small and Medium Enterprises Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (SMEA). With the assistance and integration of Mr. Chang-Chen-Pei from CPC, Mr. Jessy Wang from Jesco Machinery Ltd. Started and integrated with Manford Machinery Co.,Ltd. , Mega Machine Co., Ltd, Matchling Tooling Co., Ltd. Perfect Machinery Co., Ltd, as the initial members of MITEAM GROUP. Then...[more]
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